Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Sol Gets A New Sister

Yesterday Sol and me went on a special day out over to Barry in the Vale Of Glamorgan, the past week I have been doing paperwork, interview and home check to adopt a rescue dog.
yesterday was our meet and greet to see if Sol and his new sister would get on and of course to see if she took to me. She was in a foster home rather than in kennels
 Here she is
 There was lots of sniffing circling each other and tail wagging
 After introductions were over they both lay down and did what dogs do best, sleep and snore.
 I then got to name her, meet Tess
 and home with us she came
 Tess is finding it all a bit strange but keeps wagging that tail
 Not got the idea of lying in a comfy bed.
Now let me tell you the story of Tess.
She is approx 10 years old and is a rescue ex breeder from a puppy farm, she has spent her whole life living in a cage were she would eat sleep toilet and churn out puppies to line some-ones pockets,
She had never been out side to run on grass, feel the rain snow or sun, we don't know how many litters of puppies she has had but her condition says a lot, she has pressure sores on her legs and scarring on her neck were it is assuming at some point she was tied up and fitted with a spiked collar, her hair will never re-grow in that area. Her legs are fairly weak and she is about 12kg overweight.
She has never lived in a house so its all very new, as is the big outdoors. She has been spayed, had her vaccinations worm and flea treatment before being adopted, she has never played or had a bed to sleep in and her sight is starting to go, but that tail never stops wagging, she has had no training so doesn't understand the basic commands like sit or come, she has a lot to learn on her new journey in life. 
We adopted her through
They have nearly 300 dogs of all ages waiting to be homed from puppies to oldies, most of there dogs are rescued from puppy farms, when you see puppies advertised on social media and selling sites on the internet the chances are those are from puppy farms and every pup that is bought is enabling the cruelty to continue, authorised puppy breeders don't use them platforms to sell from. 
If you are thinking of getting a puppy please get one through a charity that has rescued one and don't line the pockets of puppy farm breeders.
Sol and Tess have both come to us to retire both from very very different backgrounds but there needs are the same, food, shelter a safe place to call home, the opportunity to be dogs run and play, we hope they will both continue to have lots of adventures in there retirement. Sol will help her adapt to this new life I hope.
Today Tess is going to have a tour of the smallholding, meet all the residents and later on we will try a walk in the woods. A very busy full on day for this old lady.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Just Shovelling and Planting

Just a few jobs done yesterday 
I have been shifting  the contents of compost bin 1 into the poly tunnel 
 This is were the peas are going, once I have the border finished this week I can get a structure in place for them to climb up then get the peas in.
In the cut flower beds
 I got fifty lily bulbs planted, the next bed will be dahlias I am going to get them started in pots first, then the far end bed will be gladioli 
I got some seeds on the go for collards and kale they are to be planted out in the area that the pigs are turning over they will be grown on for animal feed.
Another bit of news, the doves have been at it again.
They have been sitting on eggs since Friday, lets hope this time they get it right and have a success.
The daylight hours are getting longer, I am moving evening feeds back by half an hour, it wont be long before the clocks change, then there feeds will move with the clocks giving a longer day to get chores done.
Sol and me are out on a special trip today I will update on that in my next post. πŸ˜€πŸ•

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Normality Resumes

Visitors went home yesterday,
Now back to normal and peace and quiet once again falls over the ranch again.
We had a trip to beach on Saturday 
 digging holes and making sandcastles

 Sol was his element

 A bit of rock climbing
 back home again and little one had fun with a empty box
 My daughter wanted me show her how to make Scottish Tablet, something from my childhood and hers, she had tried but it never came out right. 
As it happened I had the ingredients in 
We got started

 and it came out perfect
 They had a box of it to take home with them, I will pop a link over on the recipe page made with butter, condensed milk and sugar its not one for those watching there weight.
There is a few things going on this week, tomorrow Sol and me are making are special trip out will post about it later.
Martin wasn't home this week end work commitments but he will be home on Wednesday night and bringing and teenage grandchild with him.
I hope to have lots of good things to share with you this week. πŸ˜€

Friday, 17 February 2017

Little People

Its that time of year when the little people come to visit
 My eldest is here at the moment and has brought with her some of the grandchildren, some of hers and one from my youngest daughter.
Its just been time for 
 Tree climbing πŸ˜›
Puddle Jumping πŸ™Œ
 Tree planting πŸ’
 Animal feeds πŸπŸ”πŸ–πŸΎ
 Wellies a must for everyone πŸ’¦
 spreading wood chips
 many hands make light work πŸ’ͺ
 we got half the fruit cage done then run out of wood chips
walks in the wood  πŸ”
 for everyoneπŸ“΅
including SolπŸ•
last night the girls were trying out yoga😁
followed  by a  late night walk in the dark across the fields, I took them out all armed with torches as they were convinced there was something lurking nasty that was going to attack them hiding in the dark, standing in the far field I even got them to turn there torches off so they could enjoy the night time and see there was nothing there that was going to eat them, although the owl hooting raised a few shrieks. πŸ’€
Normal service to resume when they go home on Sunday πŸ˜ƒ


Monday, 13 February 2017

Canning Salmon

All the salmon that was pulled out of the freezer yesterday was to be canned, 
 Once it was defrosted it was cut into chunks washed and drained,
no need to remove the skin or bones, the bones soften during the canning process and add extra calcium.
 The jars were steralised in a hot oven and the lids were popped into boiling water, the salmon was packed into hot jars
 Then into the canner, which already has water, no extra liquid is added to the jars,
 Lid on and the canner is set to come up to pressure
 10 lb of pressure needed to be maintained for 110 minuets 
this is were I am glad I have a solid fuel Rayburn, although once it is up to pressure if you were cooking on gas or electric you would turn down to maintain pressure, I move the canner across the stove to the simmer side which isn't so hot, the hottest part of the Rayburn is directly over the fire box.
 Once the time is reached, the canner is removed from the heat allow the pressure to drop to zero remove the lid and lift out the jars, they are still very hot and the contents are still bubbling away, as the jars cool, the lids get sucked down making a popping noise and the jar is sealed.
The liquid in there has come from the fish.
 4 pints of salmon done
 The salmon is the same as what you get in a tin, perfect for sandwiches and fish cakes 
While sorting out the freezer yesterday, I pulled out some odds and ends, chicken and some of our sausages we made.
They were put together with some chorizo rice peppers onions and canned tomatoes to make Jambalaya 
A nice hot and spicy dinner.