Saturday, 24 September 2016

Just One of Those Days

It has been overcast and windy today, I spent the day indoors,
I was excited to see the first couple of piquant peppers had ripened, Dani over on Eco Footprint sent me seeds last year, 
 They have come on a storm and are laden with fruits
Cucumbers are still being harvested
 I made up another couple of jars of refrigerator pickle I used some red onions in these and one of the jars has a chopped piquant pepper in and the other has chillies. The other pepper I have saved for Martin to try.
 I also did a bit of baking, this time an easy lemon curd cake, using some of the lemon curd that I made the other week using some of our own lemons.
Once I had finished in the kitchen it was down to the cabin for me, I have been working on a few new lines for my stall
this is one of them
 Children's book cushions, they have a pocket on the front to hold a bedtime story book, the cushions will be in a boy or girl style.
This one is the little boy, I got all the bits stitched out just need to put them together now.
Next week end I have a stall at the Autumn fair in the village and hope to take some of the cushions along with me.
Feeling a bit drained tonight so I am kicking off my shoes putting my feet up and finding something to watch on TV :-) 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Strawberry Haircut

It was a gorgeous first day of autumn yesterday, blue skies and sunshine, I was working in the fruit cage getting another seasonal job ticked off the list.
The main strawberry bed, all the runners had to come off, and the old leaves cut back, they are growing through membrane to keep weeds at bay.
All the old straw was removed it will only harbours pests over winter, I cleared a good foot of ground around the bed and made sure all the membrane was tucked in all around so there is no chance of the wind ripping it off.
Next year will be the year we start harvesting strawberries, there was a few this year, many of the plants were new ones and I wanted them to get established rather than produce fruit.
Raspberry area is next 
I am picking a bowl of raspberries every other day, mine are autumn fruiting rasps, I keep looking at the golden rasps and might get some to pop in the bed.
The spent mushroom compost delivery was due to arrive, I had a phone call from the delivery company which is not the company I buy from, they said they were unable to deliver as there is an access problem, what access problem, it seems the driver has said he knows the area and he wouldn't be able to get is lorry here, utter utter rubbish and I told them that, there is no access problem here, there is room to turn, unload the drive is fairly wide and the road is in good condition, upon asking how big is the lorry expecting an arctic, 7.5ton was the reply, I nearly choked, and told them to get the delivery here as there is no issues, lets see if it arrives today.
Saturday November 6th 1982
Went to Carmarthen mart, bought food shopping. John and Douglas went into St Cleare to take back Kew pressure washer to have it looked at. Had fish and chips in the mart, walked around the shops, bought a spade, two forks and a squeezy mop. Came home had tea, made 6 loaves and two currant loaves. Finished back of cardigan for John, Bed at 11.30pm.
( I was asked about her husband, she left her husband and moved here with her new partner John after her divorce, I don't know if she is married to John, I don't know what relation Molly and Douglas are to them but they visit most week ends and seem to be adults) 



Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Out and About

Yesterday I went over to visit Louise Welsh Dreams Now Reality
I have met with Louise before and even though I am only 45mins away from her there just never seems the time to visit more often.
I was a bit late arriving, I got distracted 
I had to stop and speak to these two young men along the way
Sorry I cant remember your names gents, they are following an old pilgrim route from St Davids to Snowdon, 4 weeks walking with the cross and hope to arrive on the 8th of October, they are doing this challenge to spread the love of Jesus, two lovely men to talk to with an interesting story to tell, if you see them stop for a chat it will make you smile. 
I had a lovely visit with Louise, she has only been growing veg for 6 months and is doing so well.
For lunch Louise cooked a lovely cheese free quiche for me and before we knew, it was time for me to head back.
Sol was out walking the other day 
 He went with Martin up Pen Y Fan, perhaps he will get up Snowdon one day.
The old boy was a bit tired and slept all the way home.
Today is the official first day of Autumn, it looks very autumnal outside, with mist hanging over the valley, leaves are starting to turn and fall. I do like Autumn its the time to get cosy in front of the fire and lots of warming meals, salad days are for summer.

Friday November 5th 1982
Rained all day, did lots of washing, washed hair, cleaned up, made sponge. John pressure washed the veterinarian room!!! then started on the roof, then found to be not working properly.
I took pick up to check sheep at the top, all well and all there.
Molly and Douglas arrived at 1/4 to 10.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Garden Preperations

Yesterday was spent out in the garden,
I have been clearing beds removing all the weeds
 Breaking up the surface, I have a delivery of spent mushroom compost coming later this week, as beds are emptied I plan to top them up with the compost, we have so little soil here, building up is the only way to get depth into the beds, also what soil is there is very claggy, I did add a load of mushroom compost when setting up the beds, another dose will do them the world of good, the beds then will be covered over, come spring it will be all systems go.
The above bed with be brassicas next year, everything will move down a bed.
 The sunflower heads have all been cut, they are in the poly tunnel drying out so I can harvest the seeds, some will be grown on next year, some will get added to chicken feed and some will go into the kitchen, 22 heads crammed with seeds.
 Martin got the lawn cut as well as a few other odd jobs, it has been a dry week end, we have had rain over night and today promises to be a nice day the sun is just starting to burn through.
Martin and Sol have gone to walk up Pen a Fan, I am going to head down my cabin. 

Thursday November 4th 1982
Blue Boy a little better, temperature dropped a bit.
Got flock in and sorted out 55 welsh mountain, drenched trimmed and marked with S. Collected speckled faced ram from Mr Little Gwernogle and put in with main flock, feet trimmed and drenched.
Welsh mountains put up in very two top fields with one teddy ram.
Put cats out for 1st day.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

My Garden Nemesis

We all have one and this is mine, what is yours?
 Big, small, fat, thin, black, brown or beige horrible destructive slimy creatures, I despise them all.
I don't like using slug pellets if I have to resort to them then I use an organic one
It is effective to a certain extent, I also do put down slug traps with some cheap beer in, I have tried in the past nematodes with fairly good results but they are an expensive way of treating slugs, for one poly tunnel to use nematodes effectively it would cost approx £70, with two tunnels and a fruit cage and the outside beds it would cost over £500 each year, now who can afford to throw that sort of money at growing fruit and veg it makes it very expensive food. 
Copper tape around pots is OK but you do have to keep cleaning it for it to work.
So what is a girl to do 

 Scissors are my most used tool in the fight against slugs, see a slug cut it in half, these scissors live in my pocket, they cost nothing to use and very effective when used on a daily basis, over a few weeks there is a reduction in slime producers, some days I have to really hunt for them, some people put salt on slugs that is alright on hard standing areas but you don't want to be putting salt on the soil in your growing areas, some people pick up slugs and throw them over the fence, they only come back and its not really nice to throw them into your neighbours plot, you might get twice as many thrown back, cut them in half, birds hedgehogs and other wildlife come and feast on them.
Now for something pretty
 picked a few of the late roses yesterday to bring indoors

Last night there was a stunning harvest moon, I took this photo from the back garden.

November 3rd 1982
Drenched another 36 ewes with fluke and worm, trimmed feet and marked with S, put them up with hired blue faced ram, (68 in all)
 Drenched 10 from Dorset, trimmed feet and marked with S, Blue Boy fell ill in all the attention except marking with S, took him to vets at Llandysul, gave him terranyain and poretrovite to be treated with antibiotic for another two days.
Collecting ram from Mr Little tomorrow.
Man came from electricity, appalled at wiring, here for 21/2 hours.
N.F.U. dinner dance £7.50 each.